“Building healthy, fit, bodies, one person at a time...”

I hope that every person that visits my site learns something whether its starting an exercise program, making a healthy lifestyle change or attempting to make organic homemade soup for the first time; every change helps.

I want to create awareness and give people tools so they can empower themselves and take responsibility for their health and healing.  This is shared knowledge that I have not only gained through years on my personal nutritional and physical path, but also through formal education, seminars, courses, independent study, and CEUs, as well as clinical and personal experience with countless clients over the past 25 years.

Many nutritional practices that I adopted early on in my path took a toll on my health.  Trends such as extremely low fat dieting hurt our bodies.  Not eating fat makes one angry, deprived, malnourished, vitamin deprived, and mineral deficient. 

I will share my stories and shed light upon proper nutrition. 

Learn the why's behind proper nutrition and how to build your health.

My site will give you access to menus, educational and fitness DVDs, recipes, custom made natural body care products, as well as online consultations between me and you.

As part of the Nutritional package, we individualize your program--getting to the root cause of your issues.  We improve the bodies energy levels and strengthen the organs of elimination through whole food supplementation and proper diet so that the body can clean house on its own.

The body is a self healing mechanism.  It is capable of healing, repairing, and reconstructing itself when given the proper amounts of water, air, and whole foods.  The body’s processes can be thrown out of balance when our food lacks vitamins and minerals.  With deficiencies come many diseases, digestive ailments, and mental disorders.

Health shouldn't be only thought of as the absence of disease.  Nutritional deficencies, imbalances, and chronic degenerative diseases have become common place and accepted as part of growing old.  Think about the fact that people actually take better care of their cars than they do their own bodies.  Studies show that bad eating habits play a major role in the development of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, skin problems and obesity. 

Dietary changes can help prevent and treat these conditions.

Our health building programs consists of lifestyle changes and modifications, diet modifications, and whole food supplementation programs designed specifically for you.  We dissect your diet, clean it up, discover your food intolerances, get you exercising and lifting weights.  You will be on your way to reaching your goals in no time.

One of our goals is to correct your underlying issues that resulted in deficiency.  We then promote your healing and return the body to a state of homeostasis.  Let's break the vicious cycle with health building programs!!

I like to start a health program with elimination of all fake foods. Fake butter, fake sugar, fake milk, fake cheese, and all processed foods.  Get rid of this stuff!  This alone would practically cure obesity!  Bring people back to high quality, dense nutrition.

Those of you in the Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens area feel free to contact Angie about her "Nourishing Kitchen" Nutrition and Cooking mini series.

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