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Handmade Health Products for Your Healthy Lifestyle

With a lifetime of experience, training, and education, it has been my life-long goal to share all I do and know with those who seek a balanced, fit and nutritionally supported body along with a sound spirit and mind.

We offer 100% natural body care products handmade with the finest of organic ingredients. We use no artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives and all of our scents come from wonderful essential oils. 

Are you expressing concerns about our present state of health? Do you have:

  • High Cholesterol
  • High Triglycerides
  • High Blood Pressure
  • PMS
  • Hot Flashes or other Menopausal issues
  • Crave Sugar Constantly
  • Can't Sleep at Night
  • Moody and Restless
  • Fatigued
  • G.I. Problems like Bloating, Gas, and Constipation
  • Acid Reflux.

Eating natural foods and using natural products are the only way to create a balanced body. And a balanced body is one that can repair itself. Contact me directly and let's talk about designing a Nutritional Balancing Program individualized just for you.

So many of these issues can be easily remedied thru natural alternative protocols and living a healthy lifestyle. This is why we have been making our own health products for more than 30 years. In Clinical Nutrition, we use natural whole food nutrients that support the body so it can heal itself. With changes made in lifestyle and dietary habits as well as exercise you will be on your way to a happy healthful you! This will save you money and help you from becoming medically managed in the future, it's all about prevention.

Knowledge and application are key in the ever changing world of health and nutrition.


About Angie DaGrosa...your personal Fitness and Nutrition Consultant.

You could have called me the official Fat Free Queen. At that time, it sure was quite easy to control my weight. I exercised constantly--I ran everyday, taught aerobics classes almost everyday, lifted weights 6 days a week, and so on. I mostly ate just really lean protein and hardly any carbohydrates. This is the popular diet that fitness competitors use, as well as those people who want to look really lean.

The only problem was that I had been eating this way (little to no fat) since I was 13 years old and I was now 36. This bad habit of eating no fat had 22 years to manifest itself in my body negatively. I ended up with some pretty bad skin problems and Adrenal fatigue that took me years to resolve. My skin conditon, Psoriasis, occured mainly from all those years of inadequate fat consumption, creating major deficiencies of fat soluable vitamins as well as B co-factors and minerals. Many doctors said it was a life sentence and that I would be on prenazone and cortizone shots and creams for life! Within months my skin had white blotches all over, mainly my arms and legs it was horrifying! I have since then cured myself and with zero drugs or creams, just thru nutritional balancing protocols and herbal therapies that I put myself on. I had zero help from anyone except my twin sister. It's been 4 years with absolutely no breakouts.
This being only one of many stories, a sad one but with a happy ending is why I feel so strongly about my path and helping to empower others to eat healthy. There are so many people eating the way I did, and believing that is the key to being both thin and healthy. However, because they have really only been this strict and disciplined for a handful of years, they have not had any of the associated negative side effects. When these people are in their 60's, and have health problems, they will not associate their health issues with their diets. Even some basic problems like aching joints, which so many people associate with old age, can often times be remedied by changing eating habits and adding whole food supplements.
My nutritional and weight training path began when I was 11 years old with the intention of increasing my performance in sports.  I started lifting weights as well as starting protein drinks. Most people would faint dead away at the drinks my twin sister Diana and I made as children.
  • Before College, taking courses such as Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition fueled my interest.
  • Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health/Physical Education from Appalachian State University.

Angie Has Certifications in:

  • Aerobics/Fitness
  • Pilates
  • Herbology
  • Applied Clinical Nutrition
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexology
  • Reiki Master 
  • Traditional Chinese Nutrition-Yo San University
  • Certified Nutritionist-AHSU

    Angie continues her studies in Clinical nutrition and Alternative medicine from the University of Bridgeport and Texas Chiropractic College continuing education department and American Health Science University. Courses have included (but are not limited to):  Functional Endocrinology, Neurotransmitters and the Brain, Clinical applications, Nutritional Biochemistry, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Female and Male Hormones and how to balance them.

  • I have a Nutritional Balancing business where we individualize programs for our clients based upon many assessment forms, dietary analysis/consultation as well as utilize objective testing methods to aid us in finding root causes of issues and develop protocols to aid the body in healing itself.

From the fitness perspective:

  • Started weight training at age 11;
  • Played many sports competitively including volleyball, basketball, softball, track and ran cross-country; 
  • Competed in Track and Field and softball in college;
  • Began teaching aerobics in  college. I taught to the faculty and became certified.  I have taught a variety of classes for over 20 years from high impact, step, body sculpting and booty classes;
  • Have had a Personal Training Business for over 24 years;
  • I have always done many types of training from Power Lifting, Bodybuilding, Miss Fitness, Marathons (until a torn calf ended my career),  Yoga and Pilates;
  • As an Athlete I believe in covering the map when one trains. This includes Running, Drills and other Cardiovascular exercise, Weight Training (many modalities), and Stretching, Pilates or Yoga to keep a healthy balance; 
  • Weight training is a must for life! One should lift heavy enough to challenge themself;
  •   I believe we should have proper balance in our lives;
  • In December 2008 I filmed 5 dvds:  3 fitness routines, 1 on technique, and 1 on  nutritional tips. These Dvds are called Strong, Fit and Flexible; Building your Strength Training Foundation!
  • I offer online personal training, Nutritional Balancing programs online/phone consultations and am still presently training clients.

Angie and her twin sister Diana own a  Natural Body Products company, DaGrosa Natural Products.
All of the  products are free of preservatives, hormones and chemicals.  We sell products such as deodorants, creams, facial serums,inhalers a natural toe nail fungus remedy, body butters, soaps, acne kits, insect repellants  and other products.

I am continuously adding to my knowledge base so I can better serve my clients and family.  I want to make a difference by helping you make a difference! 



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