Knowledge is Nutritious

My Goal is your Success...Knowledge is Nutritious

In life, I want to make a difference by creating awareness and encouraging others on their path to greater balance through fitness, nutrition, and education.
As many Doctors of Chinese Medicine say "Prevention of disease includes proper exercise, proper nutrition, emotional balance, as well as nourishing our spirits. As we nourish body, mind and spirit we mainatain a state of balance. Prevention maintenance is the most sensible route to take."
We need to “service” our body, so that our body can serve us for a lifetime. There is power in knowledge and application! I give people tools so that we can all take responsibility for our health, fitness and healing.  knowledge changes lives.  There are so many things that are out of our control, but there are plenty of things we can control and focus on making improvements.  Our decisions and choices shape our futures. Teaching people how to eat and get fit so that one can take charge over one’s health and fitness...forever! This is accomplished through one on one personal training and nutrition coaching, educational DVDs, demo's and mini-lecture series.
Many years of exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals, processed foods, hormones in our food, and inadequate water supply promote degenerative diseases and nutritional deficiencies. This results in organ/system dysfunction. For if our body isn’t receiving the necessary nutrients we cannot expect to function optimally. The body will do the best it can with what it has been given. It can be likened to trying to build a mansion with only the materials for building a shack. It won’t and cannot happen.
Take a hold of your life and achieve all you desire!!

Aaron Abbott
Aaron Abbott